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American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

Paper & Presentation

Embracing the Vagaries of Social Movement Information Design

Abstract Excerpt:
The complexity of a non-unified design aesthetic may, in fact, work against one of the perceived benefits of information design. As Colin Ware notes, data visualization works to "transcend the vagaries of design fashion" (xvi). This complexity can be resolved—not, however, by the producers of the work, but by the consumers. Through a "curriculum of proper knowledge consumption," perhaps we can teach our next generation of information design consumers to be cognizant that the information designs they are seeing have, in fact, been designed. In reminding them of this, perhaps we can make room for those "vagaries" of design fashion—ones in which the meaning and nuance of social movements can be found.

Also featured on the panel "Aesthetic Strategies of the Occupy Wall Street Movement":

How a Brand Built a Movement and a Movement Built a Brand
Nancy Froehlich (Oregon State University (OR)), Andrea Marks (Oregon State University (OR))

Send in the Trolls: Anonymous and the Crowdsourcing of Dissent in the Steubenville Rape Case
Nicholas Sammond (University of Toronto (Canada))

Beyond a neoliberal logic: the unadorned dissents of Occupy Theater
Jasmine Mahmoud (Northwestern University (IL))

Earlier Event: July 25
HCI International 2013, Las Vegas, NV
Later Event: January 22
Tangible Criticality, Boston, MA