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MassArt Thesis Gallery Show

Gallery Show


Acknowledging the nuance of another’s motive and belief system takes much time and energy—two things that never come easy. Fortunately, Shape, Inc.—a corporate entity spun off of the MIT Media Lab’s Institute for Universal Knowledge & Understanding—came to the rescue when they discovered how to communicate visually what would otherwise take countless hours to understand. Artifacts from the company’s history and New Shape™ product launch are presented here, complete with a New Shape™ Charging Station prototype and original advertising campaign material.



The Longformers: a subversive movement concerned with society’s weakening ability and motivation to stay properly informed of the goings on in the various public spheres in which it is made up. Through their @__BraveNewWorld recruitment stream and News Scroller—a sequential, longform narrative consumption training tool—members promoted the consumption of longform knowledge—all in the name of a well informed public.